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Arugula is one of our favorite crops to grow at home – it’s quick to mature (only about 25 days) and you can sow it throughout the season for a continuous harvest. Not to mention it makes a damn good salad.

We start sewing arugula in mid-April, but we do cover it with wire hoops and a frost cloth to make sure it survives any crazy April snows and low temps. And we continue planting it as room permits all season long.

Create your furrows, however long you want. We can do 2-3 rows per bed depending on the bed. The rows are about 6″ apart.

Sprinkle the seeds down your row. Unlike most other plants where you have to worry about spacing, arugula seeds can be sown thickly so you get a nice mass of greens to harvest. The photo on the right shows just how close these seeds can be. Go back through and cover them up only about 1/8″.

**A quick note here: Plant only one section of your row and come back to plant more about 10 days later. Keep doing this to ensure the arugula matures in stages for a nice long harvest. If you go nuts and plant an entire 10-foot bed with 3 rows, you’ll be up to your eyeballs with greens in 25 days and trying to give it away to anyone who walks by.

On the left, this is what the arugula will look like when it first pops up. On the right is about 1 week later.

Simply harvest by chopping along the row with scissors when arugula is about 6 inches high (you’ll get a sense of what size you like best after planting a few times). I recommend cutting only what you want for 1-2 meals max. The whole reason for having a garden is to eat the freshest, most nutrient-dense food, right? Every day that greens sit in the frig they are quickly losing nutrients.

**A quick note on watering: as with any other seeds you are planting, arugula seeds planted in the summer will need more water to get them to germinate. The warm air and wind dries out the soil surface faster and seeds need moisture to germinate. Depending on the weather, they may need a sprinkle every day until they pop up.

Get your homemade dressing ready and enjoy!

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