from the ground up

Grow. Gather. Enjoy.

Chris & Erika

What You Will Find Here

Over the years we've heard these sentiments again and again - "I could never do that" or "I don't know anything about gardening" or "I wish I could, but I kill every plant I've ever had". We are by no means experts, but rather are dedicated to constantly learning and improving. This website has just launched Spring 2020, so we'll add more as we go and receive feedback & questions.

Our goal in sharing our experience is to inspire more people to start gardens and to dive in head first, no fears.

Under the "Learn" section, you will find the whole process of siting and building your garden, growing, annual garden tasks and tool selection. "Resources" shares some of our favorite garden inspiration, where to purchase seeds and sources of continued learning. As we really get going, the "Blog" will share short how-tos throughout the season.

Start small or go all out, but start. Growing your own your food, even if it's simply herbs, sparks a connection with nature, the land, seasons, sunshine and your health that you won't find anywhere else.